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he book presents the biography of Maria, daughter of Christopher Lekapenos (the eldest son of emperor Romanos I). For about 35 years, she was the tsaritsa of the Bulgarians at the side of her husband, tsar Peter (927969). Her character is but dimly visible in the sources; interestingly, the few sources that do mention her are almost exclusively of Byzantine provenance. Most scholars who have dealt with her life usually, we may add, as a side note to their studies on Peter's reign saw in her a representative of the interests of Constantinople and a propagator of Byzantine culture. Some have gone so far as to call her a Byzantine agent at the Bulgarian court.
Through their meticulous analysis of the primary sources and profound knowledge of the literature on the subject, the authors of the...
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  • Wymiary: 16,8x24 cm
  • EAN: 9788323344414

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